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How ElecTekUSA Evolved

After years of complaining about politics and the future of this country, Tim Burns, a successful software entrepreneur, decided to do something about it and declared his candidacy for Congress.

Having no prior experience in politics, but having a background in software, Mr. Burns appreciated the importance of having good software support tools, and therefore embarked on a search for a campaign and fundraising management system. After reviewing all the major system on the market, he knew he needed something better than the currently available systems. The ElecTek USA solution, is that system.

With his focus on winning the election, he talked with an old business associate about his need for better fundraising and campaign software.  And over the following months, the ElecTek system evolved.

The ElecTek system allowed Mr. Burns to talk with more people and raise more money. In fact, this system was used to raise over $2 million dollars for the Tim Burns for Congress campaign. In addition, it provided superior reporting capabilities and allowed Mr. Burns to hold his staff accountable for various fundraising activities, including collecting on pledges, sending thank you letters, and tracking expenses.  Call today to see how the ElecTek solution can help your campaign.

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